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At MyEmerge we understand starting the journey to a healthier way of life can be difficult. We work with all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or disability, to help create a more positive outlook and a better path forward.

Emerge Changed.

Emerge New. 

Stressed Woman

Individual Counseling

In Person or Telehealth

Sometimes we all need a little extra help. The MyEmerge counselors can assist you in times of transition or stress by helping you manage issues such as:

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Crisis Management

  • Grief & Loss

  • Substance Abuse and Dependency

  • Healthy Sexuality

  • Sexual orientation & gender identity




In Person or Telehealth

Whether you're starting your story together or working through the inevitable bumps in life's road, MyEmerge is here to assist you and your partner(s) with:

  • Building healthy relationships

  • Divorce counseling 

  • Conception and infertility

  • Parenting training  

  • Navigating intimacy issues 

  • Kink, Poly and Altenative Lifestyles

Family Portrait at the Park



In Person or Telehealth

Family can bring great joy but also great challenges. At MyEmerge we understand that living together in a family group sometimes means we need help to:

  • Manage family systems

  • Understand blended family issues

  • Navigate foster care and adoption

  • Work through family dynamics

  • Parent through difficult life stages

Psychological & Neuropsychological Assessment

MyEmerge is pleased to offer psychological and neuropsychological assessments to children, adolescents, and adults with a focus on ADD/ADHD, mood and personality, behavioral issues, and neurocognitive disorders. Our highly experienced clinicians can assist in diagnosis and treatment. Be advised we do not offer testing for autism at this time.

Taking a Test
Study Group

Clinical Supervision

Our clinicians provide supervision for LCSW candidates and working professionals who need to satisfy licensure requirements through the State of Texas. We offer both individual and group supervision and can be flexible to assist you in realizing your career goals as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 

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